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Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China

标点古今图书集成 (Biaodian gujin tushu jicheng)

The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China was edited by Chen Meng-lei, a renowned scholar of the Qing Dynasty. The first edition, comprised of 64 texts, was accessible exclusively to the royal court and was not available to scholars or commoners. The present digital edition of The Complete Classics includes the most seminal classics of Chinese literature and culture, from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. The collection includes works on astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, art, education, agriculture, medicine, and more. The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China is the most comprehensive compendium of its type in the world.

A team of over 100 Chinese scholars and software engineers collaborated in the creation of this digital edition. Each work has been classified and indexed by specialists. Works can be searched in full text with the help of advanced Boolean search features, or browsed by chapter and section corresponding to the structure of the original texts. Additionally, images of each page of the original works can be viewed in side-by-side comparison with the full text.

This breakthrough digital version, including full punctuation and keyword highlighting, completely modernizes the research experience and facilitates new methods for working with these canonical texts.

The Encyclopedia of Taiwan

台湾文献丛刊 (Taiwan wenxian congkan)

The result of 15 years’ work by historians and scholars, The Encyclopedia of Taiwan includes abstracts and indexing from thousands of books and is the largest single database on Taiwanese history in the Chinese language. Based on the Taiwan Literature Series edited by former Dean of the National Taiwan University Law School Chou Hsien-Wen, it is the most heavily referenced database of its kind. The database contains 595 books divided into 309 categories.

The Encyclopedia of Taiwan incorporates local histories, official documents of the Ming, Qin and Nan-Ming Dynasties, poetry, and private collections. Much of the content is comprised of sole copies and rare out-of-print books. The Encyclopedia of Taiwan spans the Tang Dynasty period to the period of Japanese occupation. The content has been assembled from Taiwanese libraries, as well as various libraries in Japan, Hong Kong, the USA, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Covering multiple dimensions of study, including geography, local customs, politics, economics, sociology, laws and culture, it is the most comprehensive historical resource for understanding Taiwan.

The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art

中国美术全集 (Zhongguo meishu quanji)

The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art presents the history of the arts in Chinese culture, from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. Its multimedia format is a rewarding experience for collectors, students and scholarly researchers. The database includes imperial masterpieces and folk paintings. The CD includes over 15,000 images of original works—many with close-ups of significant details. The architecture collection includes photos of ancient temples, monasteries, graves and grottos. Scholarly articles comment on the importance of each work, the historical evolution of genres, and individual artists. The multimedia features include video, voice commentary, music, and animation. (Available on CD-ROM only.)

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